5G IA Associate Membership

The revised statutes of the 5G-Infrastructure Association allow for the addition of Associate Members to the 5G-I-A.

Typically Associate Members are companies that may be impacted by 5G and/or can contribute to the evolution of 5G.

By definition, Associate Members are legal entities, complying with some of the following criteria:

  • be involved in significant R&D activities in Europe,
  • contribute and/or support the overall value chain,
  • be an organisation that represents interests that are relevant to the 5G Infrastructure PPP.

Associate Members may join the Association by invitation or by application.  The annual membership fee for “Associate Members” is 1000.- €.

Industry Verticals are welcome to apply for associate membership .

The Association fiscal year starts on July 1 and finishes on June 30 of the following year.

  • New Associate Members joining the Association from 1 July until end September (Q1) pay the entire membership fee.
  • New Associate Members joining the Association from 1 October until end December (Q2) pay 75% of the membership fee.
  • New Associate Members joining the Association from 1 January until end March (Q3) pay 50% of the membership fee.
  • New Associate Members joining the Association from 1 April until end June (Q4) pay 25% of the membership fee.

Legal entities meeting the criteria may be invited by the Chairperson, acting on behalf of the Board of the Association, to become an Associate Member.

Legal entities meeting the criteria that are interested to become an Associate Member shall also have the right to apply for associate membership by providing a written notice to the Chairperson.

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If you wish to apply for Associate Membership, Please submit a request to  5g-i-a-membership(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)5g-ppp.eu stating clearly what sort of community you represent, what sort of value exchange your membership would bring and some information on your relation to European R&D.

Your  application will be forwarded to the Board of the 5G Infrastructure Association who shall decide on all applications – taking into account the above criteria.  You will be informed about the status of your application as quickly as possible.

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