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EMPOWER roadmapping consultation

The H2020 EMPOWER project ( is chartered with technology roadmapping on 5G evolution in the timeframe 2020-2030. The technology roadmapping is targeted at supporting the wireless research community in Europe, the USA, and Globally, with […]

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Training webinars for testing in 5G-VINNI

5G-VINNI announces a series of training webinars for testing in the 5G-VINNI infrastructure. In total five webinars will be held between 3. Mar. and 19. May. Information on the content of the webinars and to […]

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Two new 5G PPP videos from the EuCNC series

The Full5G project is pleased to inform you that two new videos have been released as part the “5GPPP@EuCNC2019” video series, showing demonstrations from 5G PPP projects. They are available on the 5G PPP YouTube […]

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During the next MWC 2020 Barcelona on 24 – 27 Feb 2020 representatives of the 5GZORRO Consortium will be present in the Mobile World Capital Area to discuss our vision and plans for building innovative solutions which can address the quest […]

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5G-TRANSFORMER full MANO stack released open source

The 5GPPP Phase 2 5G-TRANSFORMER projects just finished. One of its main outcomes is a full MANO stack featuring multiple advanced functionalities, such as vertical and network slice management and NFV network service composition and […]

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Release 5.1 of SONATA NFV platform

5GTANGO project announces the release 5.1 of SONATA NFV platform, which provides novel and disruptive features to support the DevOps model in NFV. The release is used in three exemplary 5G pilots in the sectors […]

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5G ESSENCE White Paper on Business Model

The 5G ESSENCE project released its Business Model White Paper. The purpose of this White Paper is to provide an overview of the 5G ESSENCE market analysis and potential business model. The document presents a […]

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