5G ESSENCE Newsletter #1

The 5G ESSENCE project has just published its newsletter #1. 5G ESSENCE project is a research and innovation action that “addresses” the paradigms of Edge Cloud computing and Small Cell as-a-Service (SCaaS) by fueling the drivers and removing the barriers in the Small Cell (SC) market, forecasted to grow at an impressive pace up to 2020 and beyond and to play a “key role” in the 5G ecosystem.

The document comprises of a brief -but quite explicit- summary of the main objectives of the 5G ESSENCE effort accompanied by related motivations, trends and proposed approaches regarding 5G implementation, so that to purely serve as a reliable conceptual introduction to any potential reader. Another section discusses the actual framework for optimization of virtualization, orchestration and resource allocation as performed within the scope of the on-going progress of the project. In the continuity of the document the focus is on the 5G ESSENCE proposed use case and identify the progress performed, per case.

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5G ESSENCE essential conceptial design


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