5G ESSENCE White Paper

5G ESSENCE published a news White Paper on the obtained results (5G ESSENCE Project: A General View and the Project Pilots Results.

The White Paper presents the 5G ESSENCE architecture and the three considered use cases, conformingly to the scope of the original Grant Agreement.

Each use case (UC1 – 5G Edge Network Acceleration at a Stadium, UC2 – Mission Critical Applications for Public Safety, UC3 – Next-Generation In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity) is described and explained with the corresponding architecture customization. The technical hardware and software solutions are described for each use case, together with the functionalities developed by the partners contributing to the developed testbeds.

The White Paper also presents the final demonstration that has been realised for each distinct use case, in which not only the above mentioned functionalities have been tested and demonstrated, but also some KPI measurements have been realised.

The White Paper summarizes the KPIs that have been defined for each use case being in line with the well-defined 5G-PPP KPIs, and also gives an overview of the type of performed measures. Although the obtained detailed figures following to the trials cannot be published because of their confidentiality nature, the demonstrations have showed that the 5G ESSENCE solution worked quite fine and it is able to accomplish the above mentioned KPI.

You can download it here.


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