5G in the Times

The Times Newspaper in London has produced a 20 page supplement with many good articles on the potential of 5G and a highlight statement on the potential of 5G for Europe from Colin Wilcock of the 5G IA.

It concludes that “by 2030, 5G will contribute 700bn to the global economy  with a CAGR of 20%.  In the next ten years telecom operators will invest up to $1.5trn to the global economy to roll out 5G globally.

You can read the full supplement here:  https://www.raconteur.net/5g-2019

Or as a Digital Magazine here:  https://raconteur.uberflip.com/i/1120318-5g-2019  (requires Adobe Flash)

If you prefer you can download the supplement as a PDF here:  The Times_Raconteur_5g-2019

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