5G-PICTURE railway demonstration

The 5G-PICTURE Project will showcase its Railway demonstration on November 13th in Barcelona, Spain. The demonstration is co-located with the 5G-PICTURE Interim Review and will be witnessed by our European Commission Project Officer together with the Experts assigned to evaluate the Project.

The Railway vertical is a clear case for a shared 5G multitenant network. The multiservice railways network developed in the 5G-PICTURE project will reduce investment and accelerate 5G NR deployment in railways. The demonstration comprises the development and integration of:

  • State of the art mmWave beam technologies following the trains at full speed from Blu Wireless Technology https://www.bluwireless.com
  • Total cost most efficient passive G.metro optical network for multiple 10 Gbps auto tunable services along track from ADVA Optical Networking https://www.adva.com
  • Mobility server function to keep continuous connectivity across track from CNIT https://www.cnit.it/en/

All supporting less than 1 ms latency and precision time synchronization key for rail critical services. The project provides coverage to approximately 1.5 km of track with a target of 1 Gbps throughput to a train running at 90 km/h. The final integration work has been done in the COMSA testbed in Madrid and a live railways network in Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC), including development and integration in the trackside/stations infrastructure and in the train telecom network.


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