5G PPP Workshop @ 5G World Forum – Call for Papers

5G PPP Workshop on Architectural Evolution toward 6G Networks

The 5G PPP Architecture WG has organised a workshop on Architectural Evolution toward 6G Networks to present the European view on the development of the network architecture from 5G towards 6G at the IEEE 5G World Forum to be held in October 2021, in Montreal, Canada – and virtually.

The goal of this workshop (WS) is to highlight:

  • the key architectural innovation points and findings from the 5G PPP projects that will evolve the 5G architecture toward the future 6G mobile and wireless networks, and
  • the new visions, requirements and architectural considerations for future generation mobile systems developed in the beyond 5G and towards 6G projects of the 5G PPP

The focus of the thematic topics will be on technology enablers and design recommendations that will facilitate the movement from 5G and beyond, towards a fully-fledged 6G architecture.

For the full text of the call for papers, the list of suggested topics, and the submission details please go to the call for papers web page:


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