5GCity activities during EuCNC2019

The 28th edition of EuCNC 2019 – Enabling Smart Connectivity – that took place in Valencia last 18 to 21 of June, was a great opportunity to bring together a vast community of cuttingedge research, industries and business on telecommunications; specifically the 5G ecosystem from all over the world, to present their latest research results, showcase demos, and trials testing from successive European R&D programmes co-financed by European Commission.

The 5GCity Consortium was heavily involved in the EUCNC 2019 event with multiple activities: participation to panel discussions and special sessions with the 5G scientific community convened in Valencia, presentation of results and achievements, showcasing of demos and a live outdoor trial.

The 5GCity project is developing a distributed cloud and radio platform for municipalities and infrastructure owners acting as 5G Neutral Hosts.

5GCity 5G Network Slicing and Service Orchestration technologies are used in live city pilots in the cities of Barcelona (ES), Bristol (UK) and Lucca (IT) to run trials of Media Verticals use cases  which will assess how a Neutral Host operator can offer mobile connectivity solutions on demand to implement dedicated network slices for different media services in areas with a high concentration of users.

Read more here and follow there the panel of 5G in Europe with Bernard BARANI Deputy Head of Unit- Future Connectivity Systems European Commission; and Colin WILLCOCK Chairman of the Board at 5G IA.

Download here 5GCity last two papers presented at EuCNC.


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