5GCity White Paper on 5G Neutral Hosts: 5GCity Architecture and Business Model

Mid-April 2020, the 5GCity project released its 5GCity Architecture and Business Model White Paper. The document briefly presents the key functional aspects of the 5GCity platform architecture, the inspiring Neutral Host concept and a potential business model regulating its deployment in production.


Download the White Paper here.


The 5GCity project essentially turns a city into a distributed, third party, multi-tenant edge infrastructure, capable to extend the cloud model all the way to the edge for dynamic, fast, and interoperable provisioning of 5G-based services.

Details on architecture design, platform implementation and validation results from live trials in the cities of Barcelona (ES), Bristol (UK) and Lucca (IT) are available in 5GCity project deliverables [10]-[15] available for download at the 5GCity website.

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