EU boosts investment in 5G hardware innovation and trialling 5G-based connected and automated mobility

Eleven new Horizon 2020 projects under the European 5G Public-Private Partnership (5G PPP), will kick off in September 2020. The objective will be to seize opportunities in 5G hardware innovation and to validate 5G ecosystems for connected and automated mobility (CAM) along three new European cross-border corridors.

The portfolio of ongoing projects will now be complemented with 11 new projects to be launched as of September 2020. This will make the whole 5G PPP trial project portfolio worth more than € 400 million of EU funding, and will leverage far more than € 1 billion of private investment in 5G vertical trials, reinforcing Europe’s leading position in this field.

The three new 5G cross-border projects will design, test and validate use cases in the field of mobility and transport. They will broaden the validation of connected and automated mobility features to roads, train, ports and maritime routes. Each project will provide a 5G network infrastructure that offers both multi-service and multi-application features to varied means of transport (such as cars, trucks, trains, pods, barges and boats), as well as improved connectivity to public users.

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