New 5G PPP videos for the New Year

The Full5G project is pleased to inform you that two new videos have been released as part the “5GPPP@EuCNC2019” video series, showing demonstrations from 5G PPP projects.

They are available on the 5G PPP YouTube Channel and on the 5G PPP web site.

Those two videos show a demonstration of the results on the one hand of the 5G PPP 5Gtango project, and on the other hand a common demo from the blueSPACE and 5GPHOS projects, all shown at EuCNC 2019. They are accessible directly at 5Gtango and blueSPACE/5GPHOS.

We are also pleased to inform you of the availability of three videos demonstrating the Use Cases from the 5G-MEDIA project (UC1, UC2, and UC3), and a demo from the 5G Carmen project.

Click here to direclty access the 5G PPP website for further information. For more details on the projects, please click on the projects’ names: 5Gtango, blueSPACE, 5GPHOS, 5G-MEDIA, 5G Carmen.

Stay tuned for more videos and demos from the 5G PPP!

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