New SME web pages

SME web pages available on the NetWorld2020 web site have been revised and updated. Besides the SME Support page that includes all general information as well as the SME WG Newsletters including the statistics on SME participation in 5G PPP Calls, the Find your SME page includes new success stories, highlighting results and achievements from the participation of several SMEs into 5G PPP projects.
The share of SMEs in the 5G PPP is so far below the 20% initial objective, and it is critical that more SMEs are involved in upcoming projects.

Do not hesitate to come and visit the NetWorld2020 SME WG booth at theĀ 7th Global 5G Event and EuCNC2019 that will be held in Valencia, Spain on June 17-21, 2019. The new brochure entitled “European SME Expertise in 5G and Beyond” will be made available for the first time in Valencia.


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