Second EVOLVED-5G quarterly newsletter (April-June 2021)

EVOLVED-5G project issued its second quarterly newsletter (April-June 2021).

The second issue of EVOLVED-5G Newsletter presents the project activities during the first period April-June 2021. This issue focuses on the communication and
dissemination activities performed within this period, while also lists the respective deliverables and the conducted meetings.
In numbers, the EVOLVED-5G activities are:
➢ 2 Articles
➢ 2 Presentations
➢ 6 Press Releases
➢ 1 White Paper
➢ 1 EVOLVED-5G YouTube Video
➢ 5G-PPP Annual 5G Report
➢ 5G-PPP Brochure
➢ 4 5G-PPP Activities
➢ 1 Period Deliverable
➢ 3 Upcoming Deliverables
➢ 1 GA Plenary Meeting

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