The 5G-ESSENCE newsletter #4 is out!

The 4th edition of the 5G-ESSENCE newsletter has just been released.

It specifically features two successful demonstrations of use cases:

  • The 5G-ESSENCE project has successfully demonstrated the first use case (“5G Edge Network Acceleration withlocal video production and distribution in a Stadium”) at the Egaleo Municipal Football Stadium “Stavros Mavrothalasitis”, in Egaleo-Athens, Greece, on October 02, 2019.
    Two football teams had a typical 90 min. match and, through the used 360° cameras, this event has been
    broadcasted to the eMBMS (evolved Multimedia Broadcast / Multicast Services) enabled UEs (User Equipment) of the involved spectators. A significant number of viewers have attended the game, among them representatives of the Greek Governmental Authorities as well as of the Local Authorities. In the scope of the event, the results of 5G-ESSENCE have been demonstrated to the participating Authorities and a fruitful discussion about the perspectives and opportunities of 5G deployments based upon the 5G-ESSENCE framework has taken place.
  • The final demonstration of the “End-to-End Slicing to support Mission Critical Communications” use case took place at the B-APCO event in Newcastle, UK, on the 13th-14th of November 2019. The demonstration storyline follows the activities of first responders in a crowded city to ensure the safety of
    everyone. Two different mission critical services have been considered: Mission Critical Push-To-Talk (MCPTT) application and Chat-and-Localization application. The demonstration was able to show three different situations, that is: the normal circumstances when there is no emergency; an emergency in the specific area, and; an emergency in that area with a damage in the ICT infrastructure.

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