Webinar: 5G Spectrum for Industry Verticals co-hosted with EU 5G Observatory on 18 June 2020

The 2nd webinar in the series on ‘5G for industry verticals, standardisation and deployment challenges’ will be on 5G Spectrum for Industry Verticals.

It will take place on 18 June 2020 at 15:30 CEST. The webinar is co-hosted with the EU 5G Observatory and a sub-set of 3GPP MRPs and will look at spectrum sharing, service continuity and private networks from the perspective of diverse verticals, including automotive (5GAA), manufacturing (5G-ACIA), broadcasting and media (5G-MAG) and public safety (PSCE).

You can view the announcement here. 

Register for the webinar here.



15:30-15:35   Welcome and Introduction, Stephanie Parker, Trust-IT

Moderators: Stephanie Parker, Trust-IT and David Lund, President of Public Safety Communications Europe

15:35 – Launch of the 1st poll

15:40-15:55  Findings from the EU 5G Observatory, Frederic Pujol, IDATE

15:55-16:10  Spectrum for 5G Automotive – Insights from the 5GAA Study, Reza Karimi, Huawei and 5GAA Standards and Spectrum WG

16:10-16:25  Spectrum for 5G Manufacturing, Ulrich Rehfuss, Head of Spectrum Policy, Nokia and 5G-ACIA

16:25-16:40  Spectrum for 5G Broadcasting and Media, Antonio Arcidiacono, Director, Technology and Innovation, European Broadcasting Union

16:40-16:55  Spectrum for Public Safety Communications, Gérard Carmona, Mission de préfiguration des réseaux radio du future Ministère de l’intérieur Gérard Carmona, Mission de préfiguration des réseaux radio du future, Ministère de l’intérieur

16:55 – Launch of 2nd poll

17:00-17:25 Q&A

17:25-17:30 Wrap and Launch of final poll

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