Webinar on Result Confidence Assessment and Trial Planning: Experience from 5GCroCo

Next Monday 29th of March 2021 at 12:00 CE will be launched the 5GCroCo Webinars Series starting with ” Result Confidence Assessment and Trial Planning”, presented by Dr. Maciej Muehleisen (Ericsson).

The webinar will cover the following topics based on experience from trials conducted in the 5GCroCo project and analysis of obtained results:

  • Plan trials to obtain the required number of result samples
  • Tweak applications to allow faster trials still providing realistic KPIs
  • Result analysis with different methods to determine confidence for different kinds of statistics:
    • Sanity checking
    • Batch Means method for Student-t Confidence Intervals
    • Binomial Proportion Confidence Intervals for simple estimation of confidence of statistical distributions (e.g. latency CCDFs)
    • Limited Relative Error (LRE) Algorithm for statistical distribution confidence (e.g. latency CCDFs)


More information and registration on 5GCroCo website.

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